Perform a perfect puja with special accessories like Mata ki Chunree, Mata ka Yantra, Mata ke Coins and more.

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Gift An Offering

Shower the blessings of Mata Sherwali on your near and dear ones and gift them Mata’s blessings in the form of “Mata ki Chunrees”, “Mata ka Chattar’ and “Mata ke Coins”. Express how much you care through these special gifts.

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“GOD IS OMNIPRESENT” we are familiar with this saying since ages now; and this is the ultimate truth. Wherever on earth you are; but never away from god. We take this auspicious opportunity to get all the devotees more closer to God and get the blessings of Mata in the simplest way. We on your behalf will offer your offerings to Mata Sherawali and you will be blessed with Mata’s Aashirwaad.
We would give your offerings of Mata ki Chunree, Mata ka Chattar and Flowers at the Mahalakshmi temple, Mumbai and seek the blessings of Mata in that Chunree and Chattar. We will then ship back to you the blessings of the goddess , Mata’s Chunree and Chattar.
What can be a better and simpler way to reach Mata Rani and please Mata to get her blessings. Let the mother goddess bestow you with wealth, prosperity and knowledge and protect you from all evils.

Mata ki Chunree & Mata ka Chatar
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They will be wrapped in a personalized cloth bag with your name & message mentioned in it. It will be offered in the most customized manner possible.
All the orders placed shall be offered in the last week of every month .After which you shall receive your Chadava within 10 working days. To view the process of the Chadava Click Here

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This sacred hamper includes:
* Murti of Mata
* Mata ki Chunree
* Mata Ka Chatar
* Religious Cassette
* Durga Chalisa
* Basic Pooja Items & More
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* Importance of Mata ki Chunree
* Importance of Mata ki Chattar
* Mahalakshmi Temple(Mumbai)
* Mata Ka Mantra
* Navratri Festival
* Mata Ki Aarti
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