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Spiritual Store
Manish Potdar
Uses simple vedic architecture principles, to build a happy home.
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Manish Potdar
Ajay Kukreja
Get answers to problems by Vedic Astrologer Ajay Kukreja
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Ajay Kukreja
Ganesan Yogananthem
Specialist in vedic astrology
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Ganesan Yogananthem
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Ajay Kukreja

Get answers to problems by Vedic Astrologer Ajay Kukreja
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Vedic Astrology

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Marriage Compatabilty
Work Profile
He is a commerce graduate from Delhi University and has been practicing Astrology for last 3 years.

Hailing from Delhi, Ajay Kukreja has also learnt astrology from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan and is a Jyotish Acharya and is teaching predictive Astrology in Guru Vishvkarma Institute of Vastu in Delhi.

Doing research under the guidance of Mr. K.N. Rao (World renowned Astrologer) for 6th house (6th House signifies litigations, disputes, competition, divorce, diseases, struggle in life etc.), Ajay Kukreja has good knowledge about the mystical & divine properties of Gem stones.

He offers practical remedies through gems and is also trading in precious & semi precious gemstones. Mr. Kukreja feels that science of Astrology is 100% true and his meditation gives exact predictions.

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